Zapm is a science fiction roguelike game by Cyrus Dolph. 
It's my humble attempt to create "the sci-fi Nethack".

Version 0.8.2 released 2010-06-06:

    Win32 - 225 KB

Version 0.8.1 released 2010-01-05:

    Linux tty - 194 KB
    Mac OS X tty - 210 KB

    System requirements: color terminal, ~20 MB (mostly for all 
      the debug files and stuff it generates)

    Note: contains immature content!

    dgamelaunch compatibility is coming soon!

* Read the incomplete guidebook.
* The Bulletin Board is back as of Nov 2009!
* Check out "ZAPM, a short film", created by Christopher Schank 
  of TU Kaiserslautern, Germany!
* Please Submit Bug Reports!
* Send me email -
* Clan EIT ownz j00!

Previous (stable?) version 0.6.2 released 2004-07-02:
Linux tty - 168 KB Mac OS X tty - 184 KB DOS/Windows - 232 KB